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I have been using the citronella, lemongrass and grapefruit soap and have found it awesome for deterring the bugs-- my hopeful intention when I purchased the bar of soap. 

Thank you for making my summer time more bearable! I will be making another purchase soon, and trying a new scent.

Amanda Meier

Youngsville, NC


I love these soaps! If you haven’t tried them please do yourself a favor and order a bar! There’s no going back to chemical-filled, skin drying, cheaply made soaps again after trying Kochanie. This soap is all natural, gentle on everyone, and makes your skin feel so so soft. The scent selections are great as well.

Jessica Paige Varrette

Raleigh, NC


I am trying the orange gardener and mechanic soap. Both the gardener, me, and the mechanic, my son, are pleased.

Dorcas Cecil

Siler City, NC


The richest lather you'll ever experience. Feel like a kid again. Love the scents.

Joe Smolenski

Raleigh, NC


Y'all!!!!! If you are ever looking for some ridiculously awesome soaps, lotions, lip balm, and shampoo soaps (YES, you heard me correct....shampoo soap......AWESOME!!!!) then this is the place to get it!!! Everything is all natural, very reasonably priced, and all smells FANTASTIC!!!!!!!  😍 😍 😍 😍

Dawn Reed

Raleigh, NC


I love the shampoo bars! I was sold by the fact that they are homemade by someone who cares about the ingredients that go into her products and that they are all-natural... natural ingredients, natural scents, no dyes, no junk. And to top it all off, not only does she take pride in her products but her customer service has been excellent.

Janette R.

Raleigh, NC


Shelly's soap is the best I have ever found.  It is very moist and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without the ugly soap residue.  I love the pleasing aroma of the fragrance blends she uses.  They are unique and tasteful!  Don't forget to try the lip balm - I found it very moist and I love the smell.  It does not leave the waxy taste and feel that many lip balms have.  You truly need to experience Shelly's products to appreciate them.

Debbie Austin

Meeker, CO


The best soap and body lotion ever. Product has great scents that are not overpowering. All around excellent products.

Zachary Ritter

Raleigh, NC


I love Kochanie soaps and body butters! They are so nourishing to my skin and I love the fact that all-natural ingredients are used.

Pam Kane

Clayton, NC


These soaps are truly uniquey. Great for everyday use. I'm in love with Fig & Honey Saison Ale Soap. It has a great scent and makes my skin feel amazing! The Acne Soap is by far a better choice over harsh chemicals. I have extremely sensitive skin so natural ingredient products are harder to come by. Thanks again for all of your help!

Melinda Schendel

Raleigh, NC