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About Us

Originally, the founder, Shelly got into making bath products because She became aware of the fact that she knew what she was eating but had no clue to what she was putting on her skin.  This concerned her because our skin is the largest organ of our body, but we have almost no clue to what we put on it.  She began experimenting with homemade skin care to see how it would make her feel.  Shelly found her skin issues disappeared.  Her skin began to look more even, healthier and radiant.   With the success that she was experiencing she started sharing her products with my loved ones.  As more friends and family tried her products, the more demand increased.

Shelly’s husband has been a big influence by always pushing her forward and making things work.  He is a hardworking man from Poland who often uses a term of endearment, Kochanie, when speaking to her.  Kochanie means sweetheart.  It is beautifully symbolic of not just my husband, but also the love we should show our skin.  Treat your skin as your own Kochanie with all natural, bath products that are made in small batches.

Kochanie Bath Works is located in North Carolina and all products are hand made here in the United States. 

We are part of the Greener Life Club and the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.